Five Best Places for a Sunday Roast in Oxford

It’s a scene we all know too well; Sunday has rolled around and you want to have a lovely Sunday roast but there’s just one problem; you don’t feel like cooking. Then you realise that there’s an even bigger problem; the house needs to be cleaned. If you ever find yourself in this situation then don’t clean on Sunday; just book a professional Oxford cleaner and let us take care of the cleaning while you enjoy one of these five best places for a Sunday roast in Oxford!

Angel and Greyhound

The Angel and Greyhound, found on St Clements Street, was built in 1932 and has plenty of room both indoors and outdoors. There’s a wide selection of drinks including Young’s Special, Kronenbourg, Foster’s, and Guinness as well as some lesser-known ales. Of course they also serve a stunning Sunday roast. The staff are friendly to boot. The Angel and Greyhound is easily one of the best places for a Sunday roast in Oxford.

Angel & Greyhound pub in Oxford

Angel & Greyhound pub in Oxford

Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue, on Marston Street, is a great place to bring the whole family for a lovely Sunday roast. They actually have special opening times for the weekend so you know they’re dedicated to the traditional British Sunday lunch. The staff are friendly and the customers are lively to leave you with great place to spend the afternoon with your family.

The Vine Inn

The Vine Inn, located on Abingdon Road, offers plenty of home cooked food including the perennial favourite Sunday roast. There’s always a crowd there so it can get a little busy but the staff are courteous and always give you all the time you need. Always being busy is also a great sign that the place is as good as they say they are.

Eagle and Child

The Eagle and Child is right by the University of Oxford and is well-known for their great Sunday roasts and lovely atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon having some of the best beef you can find in Oxford. It’s a smash with the students and has plenty of appeal for locals and tourists too so you can always expect a lively crowd to make any meal at the Eagle and Child that little bit more engaging.

The Eagle and Child in Oxford

The Eagle and Child in Oxford

The White Horse

The White Horse Pub is by the Bodleian Library on Broad Street. It’s a cosy little place that’s ideal for a Sunday lunch dinner date. As well as serving a wide selection of alcoholic drinks they also offer some herbal teas for the health-inclined. The food is great and you get an awful lot of food for your money so try not to worry about the price so much. Overall it’s a lovely experience that every Oxfordian needs to try at least once.

If there is one thing Oxford has in spades it’s pubs and restaurants that all understand the importance of a good Sunday roast. Sweeply understand the importance of a Sunday roast too which is why they say that you should go enjoy your Sunday and let them worry about keeping your house clean.

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