Top Tips on Moving House in Cambridge

Moving house can be challenging. Most people find it difficult to keep up with all the tasks involved. But your move can be hassle free, using our checklist. All it takes is planning, the right supplies and a professional removal company. Here are our top 10 tips on moving home in Cambridge.

1. Find a removal company

Finding a reliable removal company for your move can be a challenge task. Ideally, you should book a company at least a few weeks before moving. Choose a professional company that has trained employees, reasonable rates and is fully insured. Ask for an estimate before you use the service. Our post on Cambridge Man and Van services will help you pick the right one.


2. Make a List

Write down all the things you need to move. This should be done before packing begins. A list will help you keep track of your items once you get to your new home. Once you have a list, you can specify the moving boxes they will be packed in.


3. Declutter

Get rid of all the items you no longer require before you start packing. Decluttering can help you reduce the number of moving boxes required. You can even save on moving costs if there are fewer boxes for the removal company personnel to move. Use the food in your freezer instead of shopping for more.


4. Gather supplies

You will need several boxes for your move. Get as many boxes as you can to ensure all your items are well packed. Other supplies you require include packing paper, packing tape, and markers. Gather the supplies a few weeks before the day of the move.


5. Pack your belongings

Start packing as soon as you declutter your home. You can begin with items you won’t use for a few weeks or days before the move. Avoid waiting until the last day, to avoid stress. The removal company can help you pack but you may want to handle some personal items on your own. Make sure you pack your items in sturdy boxes using bubble wrap. Label each box you use for your move. Mark the boxes on all sides to make it easy to identify the contents without moving them.


6. Keep related items together

Try to keep related items together when packing. Your extension cords and lamps need to be in the same box. Use small plastic bags or zip seal bags to bundle items. This will make it easy to locate things when you unpack.


7. Protect valuable items

Protect all your valuables by packing them in luggage you can easily carry in your car. Antiques, jewellery, and silverware need to be safeguarded during moves. Don’t forget to check if you need additional insurance to cover valuable items.


8. Set essentials aside

Keep essential items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, change of clothes, and light bulbs aside. These are items you need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Carry them in your vehicle if possible. This can save you from spending several minutes looking for toilet paper or lotion in the moving boxes.


9. Change postal address

Inform your service providers about your change of address. This will ensure you get all your correspondence in time especially for utility bills. Contact Royal Mail to redirect your personal mail.


10. Clean your home

A few days before moving, find a cleaning company to give you the best end of tenancy cleaning in Cambridge. Look out for cleaning companies in Cambridgeshire that are fully insured, have positive reviews from previous customers and offer flat-rate pricing. This way you don’t pay extra if the cleaning takes longer than expected.

Take advantage of these top tips to make your moving home in Cambridge easy. Plan in advance and ensure everything is in place before the big day so your move out is stress free.

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