Spring Cleaning Tips

The spring cleaning season has arrived and that means many households in Cambridge are in a bustle trying to get cleaned out and tidied up. Tackling this job on your own can be quite daunting, but implementing these seven tips can help you spring clean your home in Cambridge.

1. Clean the carpets and furniture

Carpet Cleaning Cambridge Fall and winter are rather hard on your carpets and upholstery. Dirt, germs and body oils are absorbed by the thick fabrics and a deep cleaning is required in order to prepare them for another year of use. After your carpet is shampooed, place strips of wax paper underneath the legs of any furniture pieces to prevent them from getting damp while the carpet is drying. 


2. Floors

Cleaning Floors Applying a wax or sealer to your floors once a year keeps them in good condition. It adds a protective barrier against scratches and stains which increases the longevity of your floors. The fastest way to do this is to use a two-in-one clean and wax floor product. For wood floors, clear out all furniture and apply a polish after cleaning them.  


3. Include all walls, cabinets and woodwork

Cleaning Walls Walls and cabinets are some of the most overlooked parts of the house when it comes to cleaning. However, dust still clings to these surfaces and giving them a healthy cleaning improves the overall appearance of your home.


4. Ceiling fixtures and lights

Cleaning Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are also commonly overlooked during spring cleaning. If fans are left dusty, when they are turned on, that dust is filtered into the air which can cause health problems. Many vacuums come with long attachments which means you may not even require a ladder. In addition to cleaning the fans, wipe down all vents with a damp cloth. Grab a step stool, a multipurpose cleaner and a sponge. Dusting off your lighting fixtures increases the quality of light in your home. If you have sky lights or vaulted ceilings, use a bigger ladder or extended arm cleaning tool. 


5. Clean the refrigerator

Fridge Cleaning Cambridge To clean your fridge and remove the nasty smell slice a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the lemon and scrub it all over your fridge. The condenser coil in your refrigerator is usually located behind the toe grille, and you can use a vacuum extension and bottle brush to clean this part. Grime build up on this component often causes refrigerators to overheat and break down.


6. End with the stove

Cleaning Stove Every stove needs a good cleaning at least once a year, and it’s best to save the stove for last. This will prevent you from spreading grime and grease around the kitchen. Another tip for cleaning the stove is to soak any removable parts in soapy water while you’re wiping down the actual appliance. When you’re done wiping, the removable items will be ready to get rinsed off and replaced.


7. Don’t forget the door mats

Cleaning Doormat Door mats are meant to keep debris from entering the home which means they are often covered in dirt, and the effectiveness wears down after time. Give your door mats a vigorous shake and sweep to keep them functioning at their peak potential so all your hard cleaning work doesn’t go immediately to waste.


Overall, there is no speedy way to do an effective spring cleaning, but using these tips gives you professional-looking results. Besides, the point of spring cleaning isn’t to clean as fast as possible; it’s to clean as thoroughly as possible. Need help with cleaning your home? Give us a call on 01223 781111 and find out about our house cleaning service in Cambridge and surroundings.


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