Packing Tips for Moving Home in Cambridge

Moving day is around the corner and it is time to start packing! Where do you get boxes? And how do you make sure your valuables don’t get damaged during the move? Prepare for the big day and make use of our top packing tips.

Start off by going through your belongings and decide on items you want to keep and the ones that can be thrown out, put on eBay or donated to a charity. Moving home is a great opportunity to sift through your possessions and get rid of items you don’t longer need.

Make a priority list of all the items you will keep and want to move over to your new home. Larger items won’t always need packing and at this point decide what items will need careful packing.

Calculate how many moving boxes you will need and buy them a couple of weeks before your moving day. Make sure to get a variety of different sizes. If you are not keen on spending money, try your local supermarket and ask if they can put some boxes away for you (make sure they are clean!). You can also buy moving boxes from Moving Boxes and Supplies on Holbrook Rd, CB1 7SU and Pickfords on Clifton Way, CB1 7DY.

Get some bubble wrap to protect valuable items, strong packaging tape and markers. Shoeboxes and self-seal bags can be useful for smaller items such as cutlery, toiletries etc. Use tie wraps to bundle electronic items and cables together.

Once you start packing make sure not to overfill boxes to prevent them from getting too heavy. If you are planning to hire a moving out company in Cambridge, check if you can pack valuable items in bubble wrap ahead of the move or if you need to wait for them to do this, because of insurance purposes.

When packing chemicals, such as paint and bleach, put them away in a separate box. Mark one box as ‘essentials’ for easy access on the first day in your new home. You can include coffee, tea, snacks, toiletries utensils and any other items you want to have access to when moving over.

Try to do your laundry a few days ahead of the move, so you won’t have to pack damp clothes. Use a bin liner or separate box for dirty laundry.

Start packing as early as possible as often it takes much longer than anticipated. If you have furniture that needs dismantling you might consider contacting a handyman in Cambridge.

Start at the attic and move downwards. Don’t over pack a box, to prevent heavy lifting and injuries. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Going through each room, label each box with its content and the room to which it belongs. Wrap breakable items in bubble wrap and mark ‘fragile’ on the outside of the box. Number the boxes and match it with your list, so you know exactly where everything sis.

When loading boxes into the truck, make sure they are grouped together by room. This will make it much easier once you start unloading and putting back your belonging into place. Find out if your insurance will cover potential breakages when moving out.

After packing up it’s time to book a move out clean in Cambridge. Depending on what needs cleaning (carpet, windows, oven etc.) and the size of your home this can take to up to one day. Ideally, book your end of tenancy cleaning one day after moving your possessions to your new home.

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