How to Get your Home Ready for Moving In

Finding a new home is one of the most stressful things and now that you are through with it, you deserve a pat on the back. Of course, you are excited and simply can’t wait to move into your new found home, right? Well, not before you do some house cleaning first. After all, it’s easier to do a thorough job of cleaning your new house while it’s still empty.

Here are some tips on how to do the house cleaning and get your house ready for moving in.


Cleaning a new house can take quite some time and you might be forced to spend a day or two doing it. Because of that, the bathroom should be the focus of the cleaning. You are probably thinking that there is no need to clean the bathroom since the previous residents may have cleaned it, but there is no harm in cleaning it yourself just to be extra sure.

You could start by giving the bathroom an instant make-over by replacing both the toilet seat and the toilet cover. Mind you, they are not only easy to install, but are also quite affordable.

Make sure to clean behind the toilet too and behind the bathroom sink/vanity. You can use a soap-scum remover to clean the inside of the bathtub/shower as well as the walls, grout, shower head and even the shower door. Finally, don’t forget to clean the shelves in the medicine cabinet as it is highly likely that the previous residents may not have done so.


Now that the bathroom is all fresh and clean, it’s time to turn your efforts to the kitchen. A good place to start would be by taking out all the stove-top components (including both the grates and knobs) as well as the shelves and drawers of the refrigerator.

All these parts should be soaked in a tub full of soapy water while you finish cleaning up the surfaces of other kitchen appliances, countertops and also the refrigerator (both in and out).

When it comes to the ovens, you could turn on the self-cleaning feature that most of them have. However, you still have to scrub and clean the oven glass to make sure it is grease and residue free. Just like you did in the bathroom, make sure to clean behind kitchen appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. For this to be simpler, you have to pull them away from the wall.

Give special attention to the insides of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen area as they may also have been ignored by the previous homeowners. Ensure that they are dust free by wiping them with a dampened cloth. If you intend to use shelving/drawer liners, now is the best time to lay them.

Rest of house

You can start with the walls which may only need some dusting. However, some walls may require a little bit more washing especially if they are dirty. To determine whether the walls need a wash, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the wall and see if any dirt sticks. In case you do need to wash the walls, make sure to use a cleaner that is friendly and safe for the wall’s surface. Do not forget to clean along the corners and the ceiling.

Once the walls are done, you can now shift your attention to the doors. Start by dusting off the door-tops and wiping the door surface clean. Do not forget to disinfect the doorknobs as they may be quite germ infested because of the constant and regular handling.

Thirdly, clean and wash the windows and especially the little spaces between the windowpane and the window screen.

Cleaning light fixtures is also something that most people tend to ignore or in some cases, forget. However, light fixtures are notorious for accumulating dirt, dust and sometimes, critters and cleaning them is essential.

Lastly, sweep and mop the floors thoroughly. If the floor is carpeted, you can clean it by shampooing it with your own machine; if you do not have one, rent one. In some cases however, previous owners may assure you that they already shampooed the carpet in which case a simple vacuum will do. Always remember that a clean floor is an indication of cleanliness.

Hiring a cleaning service

Sometimes, people are too busy packing and planning the move that house cleaning becomes a bit difficult to fit into schedule. If this is the case for you, hiring a company that provides move in or out cleaning services could be the best option. Remember to talk to them about your cleaning checklist.

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