How to Clean Your House in Ten Minutes a Day

There comes a point where your house becomes so messy that you just give on believing that it could ever be normal again. There are plenty of reasons that it gets that way but the most common one is time. Who has the time to keep their house clean these days? This is why a lot of busy people decide to go and find a Cambridge cleaner to help them out. The good news is that you can clean your house in just ten minutes a day. No matter how messy your house is here’s your guide to taming that mess and cleaning your house in ten minutes a day.

Gather supplies

The first and most obvious step is to gather all the supplies you need. It also helps to keep them all in one place such as a basket that you can carry around the house. If you’ve got plenty of storage space in your house then just keep plenty of each cleaning product in the room you need it for. Also have a look at these cleaning tips everyone should know about.

Keep it small and simple

The most important thing is that you cut up the large task into much smaller ones. The house feels like it could never be clean because you can only see it as one giant job that’s going to take all day at best. Don’t see it like that. Instead separate the job into different rooms and then separate it again into different jobs in those rooms. Break the job down into small chunks and just focus on one chunk at a time. Don’t be afraid to call in the help of a family member or two to speed things up.

Keep lists

You should keep lists of all the small jobs you need to do each day along a week. Think about creating a bi-weekly schedule for those jobs that don’t need to be done as often. What matters is that you’re creating a cleaning schedule. Of course the only thing more important than setting a schedule is sticking to it. If you aren’t going to stick to the schedule then the house will just get messy again. Commit yourself to cleaning and doing just one small job each day.

Clear out the clutter

To help keep your house in Cambridge clean you need to de-clutter. The best way to de-clutter is to avoid having clutter in the first place. It’s important that you put things back where you found them and that things aren’t left lying around. Putting things away is a great way to clear out the clutter in your house and making sure that everyone continues to put things away is a great way to keep it clean. Get in the habit of de-cluttering and hold your family members responsible for their own spaces and things. Make sure your kids put their toys away when they’re done and that everyone puts their plates in the sink after dinner.

It might sound like cleaning up a whole house could take days or even up to a week but that isn’t the case. Just break the job down into smaller chores, create a schedule you can stick to, and do just a small bit of cleaning each day and you’ll soon have a spotless house without having to clean for more than 10 minutes a day.

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