4 Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

Cleaning! No one except for Martha Stewart likes to clean. Really, what we’d all like is to rub the magic lamp and POOF! Everything is sparkling. Well, make good use of these 4 tips and the accomplished feeling you get will feel like magic.


1. Lemons and sea salt on a chopping board


Just finished hacking up that bumper denting Elk beast? Before you reach for the Clorox, use that lemon that’s been kickin’ it in your fruit basket since Christmas! Just cut in half, sprinkle the salt and scrub like you just don’t care. Cleaning solutions are great for the big tasks but for small spot tasks, think about cheaper easier alternatives. Money saved!


2. Baking soda to clean your oven

Baking Soda

If you’ve burnt the roast one too many times and still have a few days before your regular Sweeply cleaner comes, reach for the baking soda and vinegar. Believe it or not, this pairing can do a wonder! Rip open the box, and liberally sprinkle soda, then wet your rag with the vinegar, and scrub normally. This will take that crusted stove down a peg, plus when your Sweeply team gets there, they’ll have more time to concentrate on your kids disaster area of a room. Winning!


3. Recycle old toothbrushes


Toothbrushes get so little love. We shove them around in our mouths for two minutes, smack them against the side of the sink twice, then off they go into our cramped bathroom drawer. Twice a day we follow this routine for about 4 months, then to the trash they go. But wait. Clean that thing out, and it’s perfect for all kinds of jobs. To begin with, tiny bristles fit into small crevices, so they’re perfect for cleaning computer keyboards. Second, you’ll find they work great for pesky tile grout. Third, with that nice long handle, they make fantastic shoe polish applicators.


4. Declutter


This one step can have a massive effect on your home. To begin with, according to David Allen creator of the, “Getting Things Done” model, clutter whether it’s stuffed unorganized drawers, unworn garments, or broken pieces of this that, actually depletes your mental energy! Whether you believe his theory or not, at the very least, eliminating clutter makes it much easier for you to locate those misplaced items, significantly reducing your stress.

You certainly could do worse than give some of that stuff away. A pair of those forgotten iPhone headphones could be good as gold for someone in need. Or you could put it all on Ebay and extra money in your pocket. Besides, when your friendly Cambridge cleaner comes, they have less stuff to put up and clean around leaving you a cleaner house. Sweet.


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