10 Tips for Moving Home in Cambridge

Moving house can be a really stressful time, so it’s important that you put certain steps in place to ease this stress and make the process easier for all those involved. For example, by hiring realrocknroll.com in CA to help move your belongings safely. You might THINK you are ready to start moving but take a look at these 10 tips first because these are essential things to do before you start.

1. Continue with a routine

In the weeks that are leading up to your move, it’s likely that you will have many tasks that need to be done. Despite of this, it’s important that you try and keep up with your usual routine especially if you have small children. Remember that this is stressful for everybody moving and not just yourself, so normality is important at this time.

2. Sort out schooling

If you have kids, it’s important that you inform their school of your moving plans before the big day actually arrives. If you are moving a while away and they need to join a new school, start the admission process several months in advance so that they are guaranteed a place.

3. Inform people

Your immediate family will know about your move but there are several important people who you might have forgotten to notify. This could include babysitters, housekeepers and any other professionals that you deal with on a regular basis.

4. Color coding

Unpacking CAN be a nightmare but usually this is due to lack of organization. Color coding your boxes so that you know what is where is vital and can make unpacking much easier. A different color box for every room in the house is usually what is recommended for convenience.

5. Entertaining the children

Moving is really boring for children especially on the day itself, make them a little survival kit to make everything more bearable for them. This could contain things like toys, activities and books to keep them busy. You might also need to pack diapers and formula if you have a baby.

6. Think of your pets

Your animal(s) will require items on the day of the move itself so make sure that you do not pack everything away. Packing food, toys, dishes and whatever else they need right away is vital.

7. Don’t forget your overnight items

Just like your pet, you should also pack yourself an overnight bag for your first day in your new place. This would contain items like essential toiletries, snacks, plates and eating utensils.

8. Important documentation should not be packed

Important documents that you might have, should never be packed away because you never know when you might need them. This includes your passport, insurance documentation and medical records.

9. Take care of your utilities

Make sure that you inform your utility companies of the move a few weeks before. Arrange to have your old facilities turned off after you leave your property and the ones at your new home should be turned on around a day BEFORE you arrive.

10. Eat breakfast on the day of the move

You are going to need as much energy as possible, so be sure to eat well on the morning that you are due to move. A protein/fiber filled breakfast that is filling would be absolutely perfect and have you feeling ready to go!

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