10 Meetups in Cambridge That You Won’t Want to Miss

Cambridge is a bustling city, filled with an array of fun, cultural activities and attractions for people of all ages. It can be difficult to take full advantage of what Cambridge has to offer among the stressful duties of everyday life, which is why it’s important to find time to do the things you enjoy.

There are a variety of meetups catered to people with specific interests and hobbies, open to creating a fun environment that encourages friendly conversation and meeting new people. Going to meetups is the perfect way to spend your free time, meet interesting people, and find a way to do the things that you love or to learn something new.

You can choose from virtually anything when picking the right meetup group for you, as there many different groups of people looking to share interests, hobbies, and passions. Motivate yourself by joining a fitness meetup, or indulge yourself in some good discussion and food by joining a friendly book club.

Meetups provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that’s great for people looking to make new friends and experience new things. Meetup.com gives you the resources to find exactly what you want, so you can search the site to find the right meetup group for you. Here are some great meetups to check out in Cambridge in order to maximize your free time:

1. Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

Cambridge Arts Picturehouse Meetup

Are you a film aficionado? Or do you just enjoy the pleasure of seeing a good film with other like-minded film lovers? The Cambridge Arts Picturehouse meetup allows you to get together with other filmgoers to see a variety of performances and films, giving you the opportunity to chat and meet others who share similar interests. These meetup sessions are perfect for art loving individuals to meet other art loving individuals.


2. Feel Free Dance

Feel Free Dance Meetup Cambridge

The Feel Free Dance meetup is a great place for people looking to have a good time and bust some moves. The meetup offers you the chance to learn some new dance moves, as well as get some good exercise in while socializing with a group of people. The meetup is open to everyone of all levels of experience, and includes a variety of great music that you can choose from, making it fun even if you don’t have any dancing experience whatsoever!


3. Cambridge Inner Explorers: Intuition and Self Awareness

Cambridge Inner Explorers Meetup

Everyone has an intuitive nature inside of them. This meetup is for those looking to explore their inner spirituality and sense of self. The group sessions provide you with the learning tools to learn how to harness your inner intuition through a variety of games that include meditation, cards, and pendulums to help embody your sense of self-awareness on an intuitive level. So if you’re just looking to create some balance in your life, or want to place you can relax and unwind, Cambridge Inner Explorers’ meetup sessions are a great place for some peaceful self-reflection.


4. Laughter Yoga Cambridge

Laughter Yoga Cambridge

What can be more fun than an actual exercise that involves happiness? What better way to get to know people than while you’re laughing and having a good time? Laughter Yoga is a great exercise activity aimed to improve overall wellness and provide an uplifting atmosphere, with the purpose of it to encourage laughter for no reason while practicing yoga breathing. The point of the meetup is to facilitate a combination of yoga and laughter exercise in a fun and relaxed environment, while meeting new people!


5. Cambs Bootcamp – Outdoor Fitness

Cambs Bootcamp Outdoor Fitness

Looking to get in shape while meeting new people? Cambs Bootcamp provides you with outdoor fitness sessions led by experienced instructors that offers a variety of sessions to get you moving. Getting fit can be hard, but by joining up with a group of people who share similar goals, you will be well on your way to an active lifestyle. Cambs Bootcamp will help you improve your fitness goals. These meetup sessions will actually make you look forward to your workout.


6. The Cambridge Wine and Dine Book Club

Cambridge Wine and Dine Book Club

Feel like sipping on some delicious wine while discussing a chosen piece of literature, or just looking for a way to make friends in a fun social setting? The Cambridge Wine and Dine Book Club facilitates the perfect atmosphere for socialization, starting with an animated discussion of a chosen book and some good eats. This meetup is great for book lovers and people looking for great conversation.


7. Cambridge Amateur Artists and Craftists

Cambridge Artists and Craftists Meetup

Are arts and crafts your thing? Looking to take up a new hobby that’s both creative and fun? This meetup is a perfect way for artists and crafters to come together, share their work with each other, and facilitate an exchange of ideas and inspiration. Share your enthusiasm by meeting to craft together or to just chat and meet new friends with similar hobbies.


8. The Cambridge Italian-English Language Exchange

The Cambridge Italian English Language Exchange

Looking to improve your skills in another language and immerse yourself in another culture, without leaving Cambridge? The Cambridge Italian-English Language Exchange is a group of people meeting up once a month to socialize and chat in the Italian language. The meetup is open to anyone, from those looking to improve their skills in the Italian language to native speakers looking to embody some of their culture without leaving the UK.


9. Chaos Cooking

Cambridge Chaos Cooking Meetup

Now that you’ve got some free time on your plate, Chaos Cooking allows people interested in cooking and eating to come together and learn from each other, while socializing in a fun and tasty environment. Show off your expertise or practice your new skills. The only rule is that everyone is expected to prepare a dish or bring something delicious to share with the group, and the rest is a combination of good conversation and yummy meals.


10. Cosmopolitan Friends in the City

Cosmopolitan Friends in the City Cambridge Meetup

Cambridge is a great city filled with numerous activities and attractions. If you’re just simply looking to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer, this meetup is perfect for you. The group encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to come out and enjoy a variety of social meetups that involve exploring the city and meeting new friends. Whether you want to visit an art exhibit or go see a movie, you’ll have a group of people to explore and have fun with.

Getting involved in meetup groups is a great way to become an active member of the community and meet new, interesting people with similar interests. Making sure that you have some free time to spend doing the things you enjoy is important, and finding the right meetup group for you will give you an endless opportunity of activities to do.

All you have to do is browse Meetup.com to find a variety of groups that cater to specific interests, or more broad-minded groups that are open to more variety. Whatever your interests are, you can find a group that matches your hobby. Even if you’re looking to try something new, there are plenty of meetup groups that can teach you new hobbies and activities in a fun and stress-free environment.

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