5 Best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Cambridge

2017-06-05T12:46:25+00:00 Cambridge|

Are you looking for the best carpet cleaners in Cambridge? We've looked online to find the highest rated carpet cleaning companies in Cambridgeshire. So if you're looking to get cleaner carpets and a healthier home environment, look no further. All Star Cleaning All Star Cleaning is a family run cleaning company from Cambridge and Linton. They have [...]

How to Find a Great House Cleaner in Cambridge

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If you don’t have enough time in the day then even something as simple as keeping the house clean can quickly become a challenge. Getting a house cleaner in Cambridge is the simple solution to ensuring your house is as fresh as a daisy, but choosing the right cleaner can be a little difficult. [...]

Win a Free House Clean in Cambridge by Sweeply

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Just think of all the things you could be doing, instead of the cleaning every week! We all like to have more time to do fun stuff, so why not let, so why not let a professional take care of the cleaning for you? Imagine coming home from a stressful day and finding your home sparkling [...]

Top Ten Tips for Cleaning your Kitchen

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No one enjoys cleaning their kitchen but it’s a necessary evil. An unclean kitchen can be dangerous because preparing your food in a dirty kitchen leaves you with spoiled food that makes you ill. Here are our top ten tips for cleaning your kitchen. 1. When you leave a sponge lying flat it can [...]

Top 10 Things to See in Oxford

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If you live in Oxford and you’ve never gone out to see these sights, then you’re really missing out. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 things to see in Oxford. 1. Oxford University Even if you don’t have the grades to go to Oxford University you can still book yourself in for [...]

Five Best Places for a Sunday Roast in Oxford

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It’s a scene we all know too well; Sunday has rolled around and you want to have a lovely Sunday roast but there’s just one problem; you don’t feel like cooking. Then you realise that there’s an even bigger problem; the house needs to be cleaned. If you ever find yourself in this situation [...]

Book the Best Cleaners in Oxford

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Professional Oxford cleaners If you live in Oxford and you’ve long been waiting for a good cleaning service to come to your area then we have great news; we’ve opened our doors in Oxford and have the best cleaners in Oxford available to help you around the house. If you need to have your home [...]

10 Tips for Moving Home in Cambridge

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Moving house can be a really stressful time, so it's important that you put certain steps in place to ease this stress and make the process easier for all those involved. You might THINK you are ready to start moving but take a look at these 10 tips first because these are essential things to [...]

How to Get your Home Ready for Moving In

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Finding a new home is one of the most stressful things and now that you are through with it, you deserve a pat on the back. Of course, you are excited and simply can’t wait to move into your new found home, right? Well, not before you do some house cleaning first. After all, it’s [...]

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

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When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, follow our checklist to make sure your home is left spotless. Whether you’re selling your home or you want to get your deposit back, you don’t want to miss a spot when cleaning. Click to Download An end of tenancy cleaning is a [...]

Packing Tips for Moving Home in Cambridge

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Moving day is around the corner and it is time to start packing! Where do you get boxes? And how do you make sure your valuables don’t get damaged during the move? Prepare for the big day and make use of our top packing tips. Start off by going through your belongings and decide on [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips

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The spring cleaning season has arrived and that means many households in Cambridge are in a bustle trying to get cleaned out and tidied up. Tackling this job on your own can be quite daunting, but implementing these seven tips can help you spring clean your home in Cambridge.1. Clean the carpets and furniture Fall [...]

Top Tips on Moving House in Cambridge

2016-10-13T11:59:45+00:00 Cambridge|

Moving house can be challenging. Most people find it difficult to keep up with all the tasks involved. But your move can be hassle free, using our checklist. All it takes is planning, the right supplies and a professional removal company. Here are our top 10 tips on moving home in Cambridge. 1. Find a [...]

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Cambridge

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For most of us moving house is a very stressful and expensive experience. So much to do and so little time! Having to look for a professional end of tenancy clean in Cambridge can be overwhelming and time consuming. Let us help you eliminate a lot of the stress. If you’re looking to save time, [...]

Best Handyman in Cambridge

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Are you terrible at DIY and need some help around the house? How do you find a handyman in Cambridge who will turn up when he says and does a great job? When customers invite us to come and clean their home in Cambridge, we often get asked if we can recommend any electricians, plumbers [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Cambridge

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Looking for things to do in Cambridge? We’ve put together the top 10 attractions in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire based on Tripadvisor reviews.   Cambridge has so much to offer, for both visitors and locals. You can go punting on the River Cam or visit the world-class collections of art at the Fitzwilliam Cambridge. [...]

7 Historic Facts You Never Knew About Cambridge

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When we're not too busy cleaning in Cambridge we enjoy reading about the city's history. Here are some interesting facts you might not have heard about before. 1. Pink Floyd, the incredibly influential progressive rock band has its roots in the city of Cambridge. Before hitting the big time under the Pink Floyd moniker, members of the [...]

4 Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

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Cleaning! No one except for Martha Stewart likes to clean. Really, what we’d all like is to rub the magic lamp and POOF! Everything is sparkling. Well, make good use of these 4 tips and the accomplished feeling you get will feel like magic.   1. Lemons and sea salt on a chopping board Just [...]

Where to Get the Best Fish and Chips in Cambridge

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At Sweeply we believe there’s nothing more comforting than a nice plate of traditional British fish and chips. But where do you find the best fish and chip shop in Cambridge? Our food-loving Sweeply cleaners in Cambridge went out and have rounded up their favourite local fish and chips restaurants.   1. The Codfather, Barnwell [...]