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Congratulations {Your name (First):2.3}!

You’ve completed your online application.

We’ll now have a closer look at your application, but please go ahead and select a day and time for a phone call so we can get to know you a bit better.

Step 1:

Pick a day and time from the calendar below to tell us when you’re available for a brief phone call.

November 2020
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Step 2:

Wait for us to send you an email confirmation for your phone interview. Unfortunately, if you don’t receive an email confirmation, your application was unsuccessful.

Once confirmed, wait for us to call you on the day and time you selected and speak to one of our coordinators.

When we call you it will display Unknown or No Caller ID on your phone. Don’t worry – it’s us!

The call will take about 10 – 15 minutes.

Your application progress


Online application

You’ve just completed your online application to work with Sweeply

Coming up

Phone call

We’ll give you a call shortly for a brief chat to get to know you better

After we called you


We’ll set up a meeting to introduce you to working with Sweeply

After meeting you

Reference check

We’ll check your references to find out about your experience

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