Cleaning work in your area, up to £500/week

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Sweeply is an online platform that connects the best domestic cleaners to happy customers across the UK.

Work near you

Receive cleaning work in your local area this week.

Get paid online

Get paid straight into your bank account, every week.

Manage your work

Accept work and easily manage your customers online.

You’re in control

As a self-employed cleaner, you can work where and when you want.

Join us in 3 simple steps

Apply online

Applying takes just a couple of minutes, and once you’ve applied we’ll set up a quick phone call with you.

Meet Sweeply

We’ll give you a call to get to know you better and set up a meeting in person.

Start accepting jobs

If your application is successful, we’ll start sending you work within the same week!

“Working with Sweeply is great. I have the same customers every week and I don’t have to travel far.”


“I can work as many hours as I want and when I want.”


“I love cleaning with Sweeply. I can choose the customers I want and get paid every week.”

  • Choose your own hours & holidays
  • Work close to home
  • Keep your own customers
  • £10/hour, paid weekly into your bank account

  • Full support from the Sweeply team
  • Start working with us within days
Start Your Application

(It only takes 5 minutes!)

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